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On any bath renovation job,  Jim is often hard to spot.  You won’t find him standing around supervising - he’ll be among his team of Experts - working. 

Jim is different from other contractors. He’s not just an administrator.  Jim is very on-site and hands-on.  As owner/operator, Jim will tell you he involves himself for two reasons.  If any problems surface decisions are quick.  By limiting time-consuming delays, your bath reno project tend to stay on budget and on schedule. And he enjoys seeing smiles and looks of appreciation on the faces of happy customers. 

Jim has 30+ years of experience in multi-residential, commercial and single-family construction projects in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.  He's the guy neighbours and friends turned to when they wanted something done right.  In 1992 the demand for his time became so great he founded Expert Home Systems specializing in bathroom renovations.  His inspiring idea? Help homeowners realize their bath reno dreams through good planning, the right budget and high standards in installation.  With that in mind download Jim's helpful guide to "How To Get A Bath Of Your Dreams Without Getting Soaked".   It is packed with valuable information and Jim's Tips to help you avoid the many traps you can fall into. Simply fill in the form on the right. 

One quality Jim's clients particularly appreciate is every one on the team of Expert Home Systems recognizes clients have a life.  That means things like work schedules that accommodate yours, careful planning so dust migration is kept to a minimum, as a day ends your work site is left clean and tidy to minimize disruptions to family living.

Small details perhaps. But Jim believes the small things add up to a better experience for you and your family.  

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What Jim's Clients Have to Say...

“He was really good about working with us for our times when we were available. Should I tell you what I like best? He is very, very clean. After he worked on the site he made sure his crew had cleaned up everyday. His work is superb. He’s more of a perfectionist. He always made sure the work was always done properly.
I’d give him a ten” - D. Smith Kitchener ON
“Everything was on schedule...it worked out well. I have actually recommended Jim. It was well worth the money. He is definitely a ten. I have worked with all kinds of different renovations and Jim was wonderful, just wonderful. And his workers too. I have no complaints at all.” - D. Corning - Cambridge ON